• The only 100% Instantised Whey Isolate enriched with 1,000 IU's Vitamin D.


Why Branch Chain Amino Acids?

Branched Chain Amino Acids or BCAAs as they are affectionally called consist of Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine and are a part of the 9 essential amino acid group. BCAAs serve a variety of purposes but are mainly used to improve muscle mass.  Why do we use BCAAS?  Unlike other amino acids BCAAs are mainly metabolized outside the liver (extrahepatically) and are metabolized in the muscle fiber.  As we age, our body starts to lose a certain amount of muscle fiber. Studies have shown that BCAAs not only increase protein synthesis, but also reduce fatigue, and introduce glucose into muscle cells for energy.  Research has also shown that BCAAs increases the stimulation of mTORC1 (mechanistic target of rapamycin complex 1) activity and myofibrillar-MPS following exercise in resistance trained subjects.  MTORC1 is the pathway that acts as the central regulator of cell metabolism, growth, proliferation and survival.

Why Whey Isolate Protein?

Hands down..Whey Isolate Protein provides the highest bioavailability of all protein types including whole eggs, soy, pea, quinoa, and beef. This is undisputable.  This means that your body will use more of it. Additionally, Whey Protein Isolate contains all 18 of the essential and non-essential amino acids which your body needs for muscle growth.  Whey Protein Isolate is a fast acting protein, which means that your body absorbs more of the amino acids in this protein faster. Why instantised? Instantising Whey protein increases the powder's ability to dissolve in liquid, eliminating clumping.  Although there are synthetic materials which can be used to instantise a powder, in Whey-D we use natural sunflower lecithin.  We also prefer to use sunflower lecithin over soy lecithin due to the differences in how the two are extracted.

Why 1,000 IUs of Vitamin D?

We've all heard from our doctors about Vitamin D deficiency.  It is estimated that over 3 million people are diagnosed each year as being Vitamin D deficient.  Certain populations such as older and darker skinned individuals have a higher risk for Vitamin D deficiency.   Symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency include fatigue and muscle weakness.  Other issues associated with Vitamin D deficiency includes increased risk for cardiovascular disease, bone thinning, cognitive impairment and maybe even cancer. The daily value for Vitamin D is 400 IUs (international units) which unfortunately many of us don't get.  This is why we doubled the amount…and then some. 

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