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What is "Active Living Lifestyles"?

Active Living is the deliberate and active participation in daily physical activities aimed at improving physical, mental, and spiritual fitness.  Active living lifestyles includes activities ranging from boxing, mma, powerlifting, bodybuilding, basketball, weight training to walking or just general health. Gen-X Muscle supports this lifestyle by tailoring its products to help minimize the physiological effects of aging, while maximizing health/fitness. 


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Gen-X Muscle Athletes

Pro Natural Bodybuilder

"We all have a gift from God, so do what you love to do. The sky is the limit!", says Mr. Hurley. Competing since 1999, Mr. Hurley has accumulated a lengthy list of first place wins. He is a five  time (5x) South Carolina Natural Lightweight Champion, 2014 NPC SC Master Champion, 2012 INBF Overall/Master Overall Champion, 2012 ABFF Clearwater Overall; 2nd Place NPC Excalibur Masters; 2019 SNBF Carolina Supernatural Overall/Master Overall Champion...Discount code Hardrock4life..(cont'd)

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MMA Fighter/Boxer

“Winners make habit of doing things losers don’t like to do!” or “It’s not about having time; It’s about making time!” are two of Mr. Ashline's mantras.  Mr. Ashline is dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle while balancing his other talents and work as an over the road truck driver. Living a healthy lifestyle keeps him grounded and acts as an anchor to keep him centered. Mr. Ashline is inspired by many things that are important to him, however, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson takes the lead in this category...Discount Code AASHLINE10(cont'd)

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Pro Natural Physique/Figure

"As the years pass, my goal is to be the oldest and strongest bodybuilder that I can be"says Ms. Jackson.  As a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, Ms. Jackson does an excellent job of balancing her professional career in the office, with her professional career on stage. Ms. Jackson has excelled at both. She was the Drug Free Athletic Coalition (DFAC) Overall Winner, SNBF Figure 2016, 2016 Pro Physique, third in 2017 ANBF Pro Show, and fourth 2018 Pro SNBF..Discount code DJack10 (cont'd)

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Attitude is not Everything, but it's the Difference Maker, a quote from John Maxwell, frequently used by Mr. DeLoach to push himself to compete at his highest level. As a CrossFit competitor, Mr. Deloach has competed in a number of events including the Loganville Lockdown (5th place), Barbell for Bullies (4th place), The Granite Games Throwdown, The Ghostly Games (podium finished), The Georgia Throwdown (Podium Finished), Metro Mayhem (Podium Finished), and NO Excuses Birthday Bash...Discount code RD30..(cont'd)

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Since the age of 10, George has been pushing himself to be the best athlete that he can be.  As an author, fitness blog writer, fitness tech consultant, Division 1 Football Player and Pro Athlete, George has inspired thousands to challenge themselves to be the best they can in all they do.

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