About us


Gen-X Muscle is a nutrition company based out of Grayson, Georgia.  We partner with local and national fitness facilities, personal trainers, and health professionals to provide high quality nutritional products based on their clients and customers needs.  We also sell our products directly from our website and through our Amazon store.  We have customers throughout the United States and customers in Europe. 

Ge-X Muscle is led by author, pro athlete, and fitness tech consultant, George Dorsey.  George has been in the health and fitness industry for over 30 years and has studied, researched, and personally experience the physiological changes which occur through the natural aging process.  As a highly competitive athlete, George continues to excel athletically through the creation and use of Gen-X Muscle products.  He has helped thousands to reach their personal health and fitness goals.


At Gen-X Muscle, we ensure that our processes and products do as little as possible to harm our already fragile environment.  This why you will see our products include all natural ingredients and are environmentally friendly. 


We try to do as much as possible to help to improve the community that we serve.  This effort includes volunteering at a local children's homeless shelter and supporting organizations who fight for women's rights, against police brutality, and for environmental protections. 

Our Company Values​


We will always strive for excellence in our services and products that we offer to our customers. 

​       Quality            

We believe in providing our customers with quality products and quality services.  We want our customers to know they are getting the best. 


         We will strive to what is right, not what is trendy or fashionable. Our reputation depends on it. 


We want you to know everything about the products or services that we offer.  If you can't find the information that you are looking for....just ask us.  

About our CEO

  George Dorsey Gen-X Muscle

     George Dorsey Jr., Ec., MBA

  • IFBB Pro Athlete-Men's Physique
  • American College of Sports Medicine Certified
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Weight Loss Specialist
  • Author, "The Owner's Manual for Health and Fitness"
  • Fitness Tech Consultant
  • Advisory Board Member (Fitness Tech)-Skulpt Inc.
  • Retired United States Air Force-Major

George has been in the health and fitness industry for over 30 years.  As an author, Pro athlete, Division 1 football player, and Fitness Tech consultant/advisory board member, George has served this industry well and has avast a plethora of knowledge and experience throughout his years. 





As an Advisory Board member, George helped to launch a multi-million dollar fitness tech project called the Skulpt AIM and later the Skulpt Chisel.  George provided guidance on the latest health and fitness trends, helped to bring investors to the table, and conduct product demonstrations at events such as the Consumer Electronics Show and Dublin Ireland Tech Summit.  These devices were sold on Bodybuilding.com, Dick's Sporting Goods, and Best Buy.  

BBC Interview Skulpt George Dorsey

George Dorsey Gen-X Muscle Skulpt Consumer Electronics Show CES

 Colorado State University George Dorsey


As a Division I football player at Colorado State University, George excelled athletically, benching 520lbs, squatting 600lbs, leaping to 44" and running a 4.5 sec 40 yard dash.  However, due to injuries and personal views, George forewent pursuing further aspirations in football to graduate in three years with an Economics Degree.  George used his experience as a natural athlete and the use of natural ingredients to enhance athletic performance as the basis to start Gen-X Muscle.

AUTHOR, "The Owner's Manual for Health and Fitness"

As an Author, George wrote the, "Owner's Manual to Health and Fitness" a step by step guide which details physiological and biological information about the human body and health and also provides information on how to develop your own fitness and nutrition plans. 

 George Dorsey The Owner's Manual for Health and Fitness

Ifbb pro George dorseyGeorge Dorsey

International Federal of Bodybuilders

(IFBB) Pro

One of George's goals was to earn his IFBB Pro card within two years.  He did just that, earning his Pro card in Men's Physique among a field of talented and dedicated athletes. George used his in-depth knowledge of nutrition as a natural athlete to accomplish this goal. 

Gen-X Muscle

Creation of Gen-X Muscle

George's biggest passions involves helping others to reach their best athletic, health and fitness goals.  This is why he launched Gen-X Muscle! As he aged he noticed that the products that he started taking when he was 20 yoa did not give him the same results, now that he was over 40.  He also didn't trust the ingredients that other companies included in their products.  Many products have proprietary blends so you never know what you are consuming.   

George took his knowledge and experience to an FDA GMP-approved national laboratory and worked with his partners to perfect Gen-X Muscle's products.  He also uses a third-party tester to ensure there are no illegal, banned or harmful substances and what ingredients are listed on the label are actually in the products. 


Where does Gen-X Muscle get it's Protein? 

Gen-X Muscle gets its protein directly from Glanbia, a multi-national company headquartered in Ireland.  If you've heard of Optimum Nutrition, Glanbia is the parent company of Optimum Nutrition.  So we get the same high quality protein as Optimum Nutrition does, but we just like to enhance this protein to address the health needs of our customer base.