Why do you not use Beta-Alanine in your product?

There are a lot of people, including myself who have supplemented with Beta-Alanine and have complained about the itchy tingling feeling that Beta-Alanine causes.  This feeling is called acute paresthesia. Sometimes the benefits don't outweigh the cost. Research has shown in order for Beta-Alanine to be remotely effective dosage needs to be 2-3 times that offered in many preworkout products and as we know a minimal dosage of 1.6 grams can cause paresthesia.  The same research found that Beta-Alanine reduces Taurine concentrations in the body, which coupled with aging can also significantly deplete Taurine concentrations.  This seems to be counter intuitive since the object of exercise is to increase your body's capacity to use oxygen, which Taurine helps to do.  We want your experience with GenX Muscle to be a positive one, so we opted not to use this ingredient.  Read the research.  

How does GenX Muscle interact with medications?

Through our research we do know that all of  GenX Muscle  ingredients are safe to use.  However, certain ingredients may interact with some medications which you should be aware of. CoQ10 has shown to reduce the effectiveness of blood thinners such as Warfarin or Coumadin.  When supplementing with CoQ10 and while taking a blood thinner you may need to test your INR more frequently to see what, if any affects CoQ10 has on your dosage. We will keep this section updated once we determine other interactions which may need to be empathized.  

Can I take GenX Muscle during the day without working out?

Yes, you can take GenX Muscle during the day without working out.  Taking GenX Muscle during the day gives your body the full benefit of the anti-oxidants and muscle building ingredients of GenX Muscle.


How can I maximize the benefits of GenX Muscle Pre-Workout?

Certainly get as much sleep as you can. Waking someone up from the dead is nearly impossible. No energy drink or supplement will work correctly if you haven't gotten sufficient sleep.  Additionally, in order for certain metabolic processes to work, sleep is a must.  If you're just drinking coffee to get you awake, you may not get the same dosage of caffeine in every cup.  Additionally your body will eventually build up a tolerance to caffeine, which means that you'll have to increase your dosage to get the same past effect.  Gen X Muscle uses Teacrine, along with other ingredients to increase your energy.  Studies on Teacrine have shown that your body cannot build up a tolerance for this ingredient.  TIP: If you do want more of a boost, taking half of a 200mg caffeine pill can do the job.  A human can consume at least 500mg of caffeine per day, safely.  

Another tip is to mix Gen X Muscle Premium Pre-workout with a drink that contains a moderate amount of glucose.  A drink that contains additional glucose will increase the insulin response in your body and more of the ingredients of Gen X Muscle will be stored in your muscle fibers.


Will I gain weight by using GenX Muscle?

Well...muscle is denser than fat.  You may notice a slight increase in weight when gaining muscle, losing fat.  Also, keep in mind muscle is 75% to 80% water, so some water retention is necessary to build muscle. Creatine monohydrate will cause some water retention.  However, consuming a natural diuretic such as asparagus will allow your body to purge excess water fairly quickly.  


Do I have to cycle the GEN-X MUSCLE Pre-workout?

No, you do not have to cycle GEN-X MUSCLE Pre-workout.  The purpose of GEN-X MUSCLE Pre-workout is to provide your body with the appropriate amino acids, vitamins and anti-oxidants to help you build and maintain muscle.  GEN-X MUSCLE Pre-workout is not an energy drink.  However ingredients have been included in GEN-X MUSCLE which help your body to create natural energy.  Some individuals may develop a tolerance for caffeine, however tolerance cannot be developed for Teacrine, which also provides a boost in energy much like caffeine.