Social Responsibility

At Gen-X Muscle we feel that we have a responsibility to not only provide high quality products to our customers but to demonstrate social responsibility through a number of methods aimed at improving the environments of which our customers live.    

Community Involvement

Gen-X Muscle held a charity fund raiser for Home of Hope, Children's Homeless Facility located in Buford, GA.  Not only did we raise funds, but toys, canned goods, clothing, and other items were donated.  The children of Home of Hope decorated a donation box which was filled to the top by the end of the event.  

Gen-X Muscle partnered with Crunch Fitness located in Snellville, GA, to hold the event. 

Home of Hope   Home of Hope      Home of Hope

Environmental Consciousness

As we know, we are experiencing a number of environmental challenges. To do our part to help to address these challenges, Gen-X Muscle uses recyclable product containers and urges its customers to recycle all of their Gen-X Muscle containers after use.  

If we work together, we can work towards improving our environment for future generations to come.