The Death of George Floyd and the Black Experience

The Death of George Floyd and the Black Experience

What happened to George Floyd is a national tragedy.

What happened to George Floyd, didn't have to happen.  How?  For hundreds of years, Blacks in the United States have been demonstrating, protesting, and voicing their concerns about their oppressive existence.  Many Blacks and non-Blacks have written thousands of pages in books, reports, and research papers, identifying the systemic forces which continue to place Blacks in an oppressive state. But very few listened.  

Only when we protest and speak loudly are we heard. This has been shown through the Civil Rights Movement and now recently with the protests resulting from George Floyd's murder.  

Unfortunately, one industry which has been quiet on these types of subjects is the Health and Fitness industry.  As we know, silence is complicity.  At Gen-X Muscle, we've never been silent and won't be in the future. 

With this said, we'll be doing even more in the area of social awareness, equality, and protecting our environment.

We won't be silent and we stand with everyone who pursues equality for all.  Our condolences go out to Mr. Floyd's family and friends and we'll push forward with pursuing equality and eliminating police brutality, with Mr. Floyd in mind. 

More to come.

Gen-X Muscle

George Dorsey, CEO 

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